Organic Superfoods

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Organic SuperFoods
The word super means very large, great, excellent, first rate or extreme. The term superfood food that are high. Superfoods contain considerable quantities of anthocyanins antioxidants, vitamin C, manganese fiber and more. Superfoods are also organic foods. Organic foods mean these are foods such as fruits, veggies, nuts, legumes and seeds that where grown without using conventional pesticides, artificial fertilizers together with other substances, without any contamination by industrial or human waste and continues to be processed with no ionizing radiation or food additives. Superfoods are also raw. As being a food that is raw implies that these foods are cooked and unprocessed. 

If they’re to be heated they heated to a temperature less compared to 104 degrees to 115 degrees fahrenheit. Being raw and organic, they maintain. What’re the organic superfoods from Earth? Since this will be long one, start taking notes. Since it packs a lot of antioxidants, the first on this list should be cacao. Cacao as an organic superfood may be chocolate cacao, cacao powder that is raw or cacao nibs – Get more info here. In accord with the research done by Cornell University food scientists cacao has 3 times than tea and almost the antioxidants of wine. With this raw foods that are organic, the number becomes 21 times more green tea and 14 times higher than wine. 

Super foods with that antioxidants has to be in this list. Another potent superfood is blue green algae. This uncooked organic superfood has got the world’s most concentrated source of chlorophyll, a protein powerhouse and helps remove heavy metals along with other environmental pollutants attacking our bodies. Blue green algae also gives us a healthful immunity system, healthful brain and nerve system, a balanced metabolic process, enhance energy, stamina and mental clarity and increases stress tolerance. 

In addition another one that should be on the list is cordyceps. This superfood is an un paralleled broad spectrum superfood which has very desirable results on the entire minute and body. It can strengthen the immunity system, increase sexual libido and sexual performance, radically increases stamina, endurance and cellular energy, cellular detoxification, supports healthful lungs and respiratory system, supports healthful strong heart and cardiovascular system, improves memory, enhance nutrient absorption and promotes reductive sleep. You may still find a lot of raw organic superfoods like marine phytoplankton, immune detoxification and revitaphi. But because of space constraints we cannot talk about them anymore. 

But I assure you they need to be on this list. That’s just about it. Goodbye and have a nice day! And learn about Noni, Tibetan Goji Berries, Maca, Marine Phytoplankton, Sacred Heart Chocolate, Incan Berries and more. We provide Retail and wholesale prices for distributors and customers.

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